Automated Stock Checks

Eliminate manual labour, automate your inventory management and increase your vehicle utilisation using real-time & accurate inventory data.

Physically counting inventory takes a significant amount of time and labor. Eliminate wasted effort, save time and money, and get immediate, up to date and accurate information based on live maps and geofencing.

Up to the minute visibility of every vehicle in your fleet, whether on rent, in-branch, or undergoing cleaning or maintenance.  Our software gives you real-time updates and visibility of all stock issues and anomalies.  Stock anomalies result in significant overheads and losses for your business.

Stock Anomalies

  • Inaccuracies and delays during manual stock checking (vehicles not accurately recorded at each location)

  • Staff errors at vehicle check-in(contracts assigned to the wrong vehicle – typos)

  • Vehicle changeovers not recorded

  • Anomaly during check-in (wrong contracts closed)

  • Unauthorized vehicle usage (vehicle moved outside its designated station without a recorded movement)

  • Non-revenue movements not recorded or user input error.

Real Time Reporting

These anomalies not only result in unnecessary downtime but they also cause staff overheads due as significant time spent locating vehicles which are not managed correctly.  In addition, these manual processes create unnecessary risk for your business as stolen vehicles cannot be differentiated from stock anomalies.

Using RentalMatics and custom made geofences, your business can identify anomalies in real-time which are actioned immediately.  The benefits of upgrading your business from a manual operating process to a digital and automated system is fourfold:

Benefits of Automation

  • Increase the utilisation of your fleet

      • Minimise downtime resulting from inaccuracies and inefficiencies of manual processes
  • Reduce staff overheads.

      • Reduce repetitive work and focus on higher value tasks.
  • Minimize risk

      • More control over the fleet results in less risk of theft.
  • Reduce fuel consumption

      • Eliminating unauthorized and unnecessary movements results in less fuel/mileage.