Branch Efficiency

Give your check-in team all the info they need BEFORE the rental pulls up to the desk. Exceeded mileage? Empty tank? Late fees? Know everything in advance. Receive insights in real-time as returning vehicles approach your branch. This helps to significantly speed up the check-in process. The Check-In Dashboard gives your check-in team all the info they need before the rental return even pulls up to the desk!

Once the vehicle has been returned, it needs to be made available for a new contract. The Turnaround Dashboard provides detailed statistics on each step of the process to help you improve operations and increase fleet utilization.

Active Insights

Provide the ultimate convenience to your customer – deliver their vehicle to their door

Compare Branches

Compare efficiencies across multiple branches and monitor performance of your team over time

Remove Bottlenecks

Improve utilization with metrics on branch efficiency – spot peak times and bottlenecks