Damage Recovery

Receive instant notifications on any impacts, so you’re always in the know if something happens.

Receive instant notifications on impacts by SMS or email, so you’re always in the know if something happens. Every impact generates a detailed impact report highlighting all contributing factors.

The RentalMatics platform lets you know about high G-force impacts as they happen so that you can offer assistance or prepare to recover damages.

Using telematics data of journeys before, during and after the incident, you can be aware of fraudulent crash events through an accident report.  When legitimate crashes occur, you will be armed with the data you need to manage insurance claims or damage recovery.

Damage Notification

Capture damage notifications before your customer returns the vehicle

Impact Information

Record detailed information about prior journeys, speed, location, direction of impact

AI Analysis

RentalMatics AI analyses impacts to avoid false positives from speed bumps and rough roads