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How RentalMatics can Help Digitize Your Business, Automate your Processes & Maximize Your Returns 

RentalMatics is the leading global provider of connected car solutions for the rental and mobility sector. The RentalMatics platform was built by people from the car rental industry for people in the car rental industry. The company is made up of experts from the rental and mobility industries as well as engineers with a background in telematics, cloud computing, and analytics. We are in a unique position to have deep knowledge of the issues faced by the industry while also knowing how to solve them by leveraging telematics and data. Our flagship product has more than 1 billion kilometres worth of real-world driving data and over 2 million drivers have connected to our platform. We have created one of the fastest-growing big data pools in the automotive industry.

The accelerated pace of digital adoption during the pandemic has activated the rental industry’s interest in telematics. The pandemic has dragged the future into the present and RentalMatics is leading the way in this acceleration towards the digitization of car rental. Companies that are the first movers in this connected car space will thrive in this new era of mobility.

RentalMatics has built a SaaS telematics-based operating system for rental car companies which allows staff to automate, visualize and manage their operations. Our goal is to digitise all operations in car rental and drive higher profits across every rental company.

RentalMatics also provides a contactless app that allows renters to digitally manage their entire rental experience.  The contactless app provides renters with a more frictionless rental experience. Renters can now skip queues at airports and avoid making visits to branches. They only need to undertake a one-time registration and validation process for all future rentals. Counter interactions and pre-inspection of the vehicle are all managed through the renter’s phone. A completely paperless solution with digital signatures is also included.

Why RentalMatics?

  • Transforms Car Rental to a new way of operating
  • Proven fleet data solutions created by professionals FROM car rental FOR car rental.
  • Uses data to maximize returns.
  • A commercial transformation of how you look at and operate your business.
  • Creates operational efficiencies and significant cost savings.
  • Worldwide customers are creating significant cost savings and operating efficiencies.

What are the benefits of RentalMatics?

  • Fleet Optimization
  • Damage Recovery
  • Insurance Savings
  • Theft
  • Automated Stock Checks