Ian Smith
Ian SmithHead of Engineering
Ian Smith has over 20 years experience leading engineering teams building telematics solutions that will fundamentally change the rental and leasing markets. Previously the VP of Engineering at Accuris Networks overseeing the technical development and deployment of all products. While with Accuris, he developed the first inter-standard roaming platform. Ian worked with Sema Group on the development of the short messaging service center (SMSC) that sent the world’s first text message using the Vodafone UK network. He also worked with Aldiscon on developing the world’s first off-switch HLR for Hewlett-Packard Co., and designing a services platform for deploying GSM/CDMA and CDMA solutions. More recently he worked at LogicaCMG overseeing multiple projects including an SMS interworking system and a GSM/CDMA roaming broker system. Ian holds patents in inter-technology roaming and he received a bachelor’s degree in physics and computer science from Queens University in Belfast, Ireland.