Insurance Savings

Solve discrepancies and combat false insurance claims with detailed impact reports, proven to reduce claimants by 45%.

RentalMatics’ collision reconstruction software provides a detailed report of what happened before, during and after a vehicle collision.  These reports inform the claims management team of how the collision happened so they can collect all the necessary information to protect the company against fraud.  Having reliable and accurate data immediately available after the collision helps close the claim faster while also helping define the legitimacy of the claim.  Fraudulent claims can arise from staged collisions which are premeditated but also genuine accidents where either party gives an inaccurate account of events to avoid the liability/cost.  The RentalMatics collision reconstruction software helps eliminate both types of fraud providing significant savings on claims payouts and staff costs.

Instant Notifications

In the event of an impact, alerts can be automated, so you can get an SMS or email within seconds, instead of waiting for a driver to let you know.

RentalMatics has been proven to save on average €200 per car annually in insurance costs.

Driver Risk

RentalMatics can also highlight risky drivers by analysing their driving behavior including speeding, sudden acceleration and hard braking – all indicative of risk.  This data highlights driver: consistency, efficiency and accuracy, offering a way to reduce Insurance claims costs and Insurance Premiums.


Our geofencing and device technology alerts you immediately to vehicles which may have been stolen and our platform will help you recover the vehicle quickly.

With instant awareness of unauthorized vehicle movements your staff know if a vehicle has been stolen and can work with law enforcement to track and recover your property.