We are absolutely delighted to share that we have now partnered with NRG Mobility & Fleet Services in the United States, which will ultimately allow us to expand our global presence and footprint. Please see the Press Release below.

Press Release

RentalMatics announce their new partnership with NRG Mobility and Fleet Solutions. 

Dublin, March 2021 – RentalMatics are pleased to announce their partnership with NRG Mobility and Fleet Solutions to expand its global presence.  Through this strategic partnership, RentalMatics and NRG Mobility and Fleet Solutions will provide a cloud based mobility and fleet management platform solution for fleet and asset management organizations. RentalMatics are excited to work together with NRG Mobility and Fleet Solutions to optimize our collective customer offering and translate our value-adding services to our mobility partners worldwide.

“We are continuing our expansion in the US and are excited to work with NRG Mobility & Fleet Solutions to expand our product offering to more customers,” said Colm Menton CEO and Founder, RentalMatics. “With NRG’s extensive US fleet experience and background, we can collectively provide greater value to our current and future US customers.”

“RentalMatics represents the type of value adding and cost-effective solution that our clients need. We are excited to work together to enable more operations to realize increased operating efficiencies that will drive overall performance and profit improvements” said Glenn Udall, Managing Partner of NRG Mobility and Fleet Solutions  

About RentalMatics:

Utilizing telematics insights to drive significant operational savings and increased revenue growth to rental and mobility fleets globally, RentalMatics offers a counter system integrated model, SaaS delivery approach, a comprehensive feature set and exciting roadmap ahead. Our collective car rental experience and proven fleet data solutions are at the core of our DNA, our intimate customer solution approach and human centred technology. To learn more about RentalMatics please visit www.rentalmatics.com and follow us on Linkedin

About NRG Mobility and Fleet Solutions

NRG Mobility and Fleet Solutions understands the operational challenges and finds opportunities combining the business needs with mobility’s newest technologies, ideas, products and visions, into simple, executable, value-added outcomes. NRG Mobility is a founding member and part of an “Industry Collective”, a group of consultants that work together to address the ecosystem of Mobility to drive your “Return on Investment”. To learn more about NRG please visit www.nrgmobility.com and you can follow on LinkedIn


Janet DiBerardine
Director Business Development – RentalMatics

Glenn Udall
Managing Partner – NRG Mobility and Fleet Solutions LLC