More success by uniting telematics data and digital keys for car rental companies

RentalMatics provides a telematics-based management system. By integrating the Liberkee solution, the partnership sets another milestone in contactless car rental. It enables customers to offer an app-based variant in addition to the classic counter-centric customer journey.

Liberkee transforms the smartphone into a digital key ring with an app. Each key can be created individually and limited in time, which is ideal for use every use case in car rental. The key can be sent contactlessly to the app on the customer’s smartphone and is ready for use during the booking period. With one click, the vehicle can be locked and unlocked. Liberkee also provides important telematics data to the car rental company. This includes, among other data, mileage, fuel level and energy level (EVs), battery charge status and GPS location. The GPS location is displayed in the app at the same time as the key, allowing the customer to navigate easily to the vehicle.

With the integration into the RentalMatics system and RentalMatics app, the car rental company also gains insight into the specific telematics data of each individual vehicle. This allows a high level of control over the entire fleet. From now on, fleet management also includes the management of vehicle keys. Customers can easily open and close their rented cars with the RentalMatics app.The use of Liberkee’s digital keys frees car rental companies from all the pain points and time wasters associated with day-to-day key management. Keys are no longer needed to be searched for, keys can no longer be lost, and they can no longer be used in an unauthorized manner. This is prevented by the asynchronous encryption method, which is also used in banks and is employed in Liberkee’s technology.

RentalMatics offers the smartest way to deliver fleet management information to your fingertips. Utilizing telematics insights to drive significant operational savings and increased revenue growth to rental, car sharing and peer2peer industries globally. RentalMatics offers a counter system integrated model, SaaS delivery approach, a comprehensive feature set and an exciting roadmap ahead. Our collective car rental experience and proven fleet data solutions are at the core of our DNA, alongside our exceptional customer solution approach and human-centered technology. To learn more about RentalMatics please visit and follow us on Linkedin.

“We are proud to announce this technology partnership. Together with Liberkee, a solution is created that empowers an end- to end digital journey for customers. Mobility is guaranteed at all times, creating not only customer experience but also customer satisfaction.”

– Colm Brady, CEO RentalMatics

“We are excited to enter another strong partnership with RentalMatics. The product is a cutting-edge that understands the needs of customers in the age of digitalization and provides solutions. As a result, the added value not only extends beyond everyday use in the car rental process and fleet management, but also takes the customer experience to a new level. RentalMatics understands, as we do, that the solution to improve the customer experience is already in people’s hands: the smartphone. Our phone-as-a-key solution is therefore a perfect fit with RentalMatics’ goals and technologies used. The cooperation is an absolute asset for the global mobility sector.”

– Annika Saenger Acevedo, CMO Liberkee