Dublin, May 2021 – RentalMatics and CarPro Systems International BV are delighted to announce their new partnership and integrated software solutions for optimizing business operation processes at car rental, leasing and mobility companies globally.

CarPro customers will gain access to RentalMatics’ full suite of cloud based mobility and fleet management platform solutions, including damage recovery, operating cost and insurance cost reductions and increased vehicle utilization, whilst increasing revenue opportunities. RentalMatics offers  its customers an automatic reset and a global roaming SIM with real time updates, improving rental operations through telematics data from connected fleets.

“Our partnership with CarPro will allow rental fleet managers to gain valuable insights into their fleet operations and increase the automation of running their day-to-day operations” said Thomas Brady, CTO of RentalMatics.  “The tight integration between both systems will allow rental managers to achieve an even higher ROI than using a standalone telematics system.  Increasing automation and reducing the cost of running a car rental company is now more important as the rental and tourism industries start their recovery”

Kieron Chalder, CEO of CarPro said “CarPro’s partnership with RentalMatics will allow our customers to benefit from further fleet analytics in the CarPro platform, driven directly from vehicle-based hardware. As our partners seek to become more efficient, the role of vehicle behavior is vital in making more informed business decisions that optimize operations. The current market conditions have accelerated fleet digitalization and we are pleased to act as a technology enabler for our partners, giving them the tools they need to remain competitive.”

About RentalMatics:

RentalMatics offers the smartest way to deliver fleet management information to your fingertips. Utilizing telematics insights to drive significant operational savings and increased revenue growth to rental and mobility fleets globally, RentalMatics offers a counter system integrated model, SaaS delivery approach, a comprehensive feature set and an exciting roadmap ahead. Our collective car rental experience and proven fleet data solutions are at the core of our DNA, alongside our exceptional customer solution approach and human-centered technology. To learn more about RentalMatics please visit www.rentalmatics.com and follow us on Linkedin

About CarPro

CarPro Systems is a leading global provider of ERP software solutions encompassing the Rental, Leasing and Mobility spectrum of the automotive industry. Over the past 30 years, CarPro’s technology suite has been implemented across hundreds of rental businesses, enabling fleet optimization and operational efficiencies. In 2020, CarPro underwent a change of ownership and welcomed new investments centered on product feature enhancement and customer experience. Visit www.carprosystems.com  to learn more and you can follow on LinkedIn.


CarPro Systems International B.V.

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Vice President, Mobility Sales and Partnerships – RentalMatics
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Tara Martin
Vice President, Customer Success – RentalMatics
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