A Message from our CTO

Due to the unprecedented age of COVID-19, the world has shifted in it’s approach and the trends of embraced digital experiences and technological advances are now expected to continue, even as vaccines become more widely available this year. At RentalMatics we believe our product offerings are game-changers in the mobility sector and are excited about rolling them out and continuing to advance our roadmap in 2021.

This pandemic has accelerated the move towards app based contactless car rental. With this emerging trend and the removal of the employee to customer interaction it is even more critical to have higher visibility, security and automation in your fleet. The RentalMatics platform is the leading operating system for car rental which can help you automate, digitise and secure your car rental and mobility fleet. Our patent pending algorithms can manage the entire lifecycle of your rental fleet and automate your business processes such as inventory management.

In addition our proprietary crash detection algorithms deliver insights to streamline your claims process, minimize fraud, reduce your risk of loss, and provide greater value to policyholders in the event of an accident.

While 2020 has been a year like no other, we are in a strong position to provide you with the latest technology that provides security, convenience and efficiency. We will continue to innovate through collaboration, agility and expertise to bring the best fleet management solutions to you while continuing to advance our roadmap in 2021. We look forward to sharing the updates with all going forward.

My very best,

Thomas Brady.

How RentalMatics is Guiding the Future of Mobility

RentalMatics is a proven mobility SaaS platform that was created by industry experts specifically for rental fleets.

It helps you to manage and track global fleets in real-time by combining in-car telematics with proprietary algorithms specifically designed for the car rental industry.

We are proud to be expanding our global footprint, particularly in the U.S., European and Middle Eastern Markets.

Here are a very few of the many benefits the platform has to offer.

  • Transforms Car Rental to a new way of operating

  • Proven fleet data solutions created by professionals FROM car rental FOR car rental

  • Uses data to maximize returns

  • A commercial transformation of how you look at your business

  • Creates operational efficiencies and significant cost savings

Our Proud Milestones

RentalMatics AI Technology

RentalMatics AI and False Positive Impacts

RentalMatics have developed a state-of-the-art AI algorithm to identify and filter false positive impacts. This is a complex issue to solve as all vehicles are subject to many different forms of shock and vibration during the course of the day, all of which could cause potential false alerts like speed bumps, rough roads or boot lid being slammed!

Standard impact algorithms used by other telematics platforms are unable to distinguish between these types of G-forces versus those that would be produced by a real impact. However, the RentalMatics AI algorithm can filter these false positives by performing a deep analysis of the vehicle accelerometer and speed data leading up to and following the impact to learn the characteristics of a real impact.

You can now sign yourself up to receive alerts that have been filtered by our AI system through our “Manage alerts” section of our portal. Please contact our customer success team for more details.

New Strategic Partner

TSD Mobility Solutions

RentalMatics is delighted to announce partnership with TSD Mobility Solutions to capture actionable insights aiming to reduce claims and damage costs while increasing utilisation, all by analysing telematics data from connected fleets.

Introducing a New Addition to Our Team

RentalMatics is glad to announce the appointment of Janet DiBerardine to the role of Business Development Director (US). With an impressive career spanning over four decades with the Hertz Corporation – most notably in Franchise Operations – Janet brings with her a strong reputation and a wealth of knowledge and experience. Janet will work with the existing team to identify and support new business opportunities, provide strategic direction and help grow the RentalMatics business in the Americas.

From Around the World

RentalMatics AI and False Positive Impacts

Soon, Google Maps will default to the route with the lowest carbon footprint when it has approximately the same estimated time of arrival as the fastest route.