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Dummy and Sleeper Tracking Devices Explained

  • By Debs Kennedy
  • May 2, 2024

Dummy and Sleeper Tracking Devices Explained

Over 1 million vehicles are stolen in the United States each year. In the vehicle rental industry, theft is a major pain point. How can car rental and leasing companies protect themselves from this threat?

Many telematics providers are now offering enhanced fleet security solutions that are helping to reduce the risk of vehicle theft and boost recovery odds after a theft. ‘Dummy’ and ‘Sleeper’ tracking devices can dramatically increase the chances of getting your vehicle back intact after a theft or tampering event. Here, we explain how they work and why they might be a valuable addition to your telematics solution.

‘Dummy’ Telematics Tracking Device

Using a ‘dummy’ telematics tracking device can divert attention away from your authentic tracking device. These are usually highly realistic replicas of a fully functioning GPS tracker and they act as the perfect decoy. Indistinguishable from an authentic tracker in appearance and weight, its primary role is to distract. The dummy device is not a live tracker and does not transmit any data.


How does a ‘Dummy’ Tracking Device work?

  • The dummy device is connected to the vehicle battery. Why does it need to be connected to the battery if it’s not a real, live tracker? Although it won’t transmit any data, it needs to replicate the installation of a genuine tracker for authenticity.
  • The genuine GPS tracker is concealed in a discreet location where there is a positive charge, for example behind the dashboard clock.
  • In the event of theft, the offender may locate and remove the dummy device, thinking they have disabled tracking.
  • Little do they know, the genuine GPS tracker, covertly placed, remains fully active, transmitting data back to your telematics platform.
  • Your vehicle can then be easily tracked and quickly recovered.


‘Sleeper’ Telematics Tracking Device

You can maximise your vehicle’s security with a ‘sleeper’ tracking device. Firstly, the sleeper device is paired with your primary tracker. Then, it simply lies dormant, asleep, in hibernation mode, until it is needed.

If your primary tracker is removed or tampered with, your secret sleeper device springs to life, ensuring continuous vehicle tracking.


How does a ‘Sleeper’ Tracking Device work?

  • Install your primary tracker onto the vehicle battery.
  • Covertly locate the sleeper tracker elsewhere, such as behind the dashboard clock, where it will stay in hibernation or ‘sleep’ mode.
  • If the primary tracker is removed or tampered with, the secret sleeper device self-activates and takes over the tracking duties of the primary tracker.
  • The sleeper device transmits to your telematics platform every few minutes (or as often as you require), allowing you to track, locate and retrieve the vehicle.
  • When you are de-fleeting, you simply remove the sleeper tracking device from the vehicle. Switch it off to preserve battery life and store it or re-install into another vehicle.


Embracing telematics isn’t just about adopting a new technology; it’s about unlocking a better way of doing business, that reduces risk and drives growth.

As the car rental industry continues to evolve, telematics will become a cornerstone of success for forward-thinking car rental companies.

Want to learn more about our dummy and sleeper tracking devices? Arrange a demo with our expert team today: sales@rentalmatics.com

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