Revenue Growth
Improved Customer Experience
Reduced Costs
Less Fraud & Damage
Optimised Fleet Utility
Streamlined Processes

The team brought RentalMatics to market, and it began as an insurance-based telematics product and has since expanded to specialise in the reduction of operational and fuel costs associated with running a rental company.  It is now in use by key clients in Ireland, Iceland, Australia, Portugal, Cyprus, Spain, Austria, Hungary and the USA. Dedicated to improving the product and geolocation processes in real time RentalMatics partnered with the European Space Agency in 2020 to develop and improve telematics capabilities like satellite positioning (Galileo/GPS) for fleet tracking, GSM (2G, 3G, 4G and potentially 5G) for data transfer and on-board accelerometers to capture any collisions, events etc. a vehicle may have had while on-rent. Using a combination of AI, analytics, telematics and process automation to achieve this transformation RentalMatics are pioneers in this space.