RentalMatics is a leading global provider of fleet telematics solutions for the vehicle rental industry. RentalMatics is a plug-and-play software solution that allows car rental companies to manage and live track their global fleet.

The RentalMatics technology platform is revolutionising vehicle rental, driving revenue growth, cost savings and operational improvements for its users. The company that was founded in Dublin (Ireland) in 2016, now has a host of global customers spread across five continents, serviced from the RentalMatics’ offices in Dublin and New York.

Nearly 2 billion kilometres worth of real-world driving data and over 172 million journeys have been analysed to date, creating one of the largest and fastest-growing data pools in the global automotive industry.

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Our History

In 2016, a small visionary team, who had been working within the vehicle rental industry, were looking for an off-the-shelf IoT solution to solve some common operational problems. There wasn’t one available, so they created it themselves.

From humble beginnings, this small team of innovators have grown the RentalMatics telematics solution into a global team of experts in geolocation mapping, IoT, telematic capabilities, client operations and are now leaders in the digital transformation of vehicle rental.

RentalMatics was initially brought to market as an insurance-based telematics product and has since expanded to specialise in driving incremental revenue and in the reduction of operational and fuel costs associated with running a rental company.

Rentalmatics Web-Ready-24The technology platform has been backed by one of Europe’s largest automotive providers, as well as one of Ireland’s most successful tech leaders. Based on strong consumer demand it has expanded globally and is now used by key clients Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle East and Australia.

Dedicated to improving the product and geolocation processes in real time RentalMatics partnered with the European Space Agency in 2020 to develop and improve telematics capabilities like satellite positioning (Galileo/GPS) for fleet tracking, GSM (2G, 3G, 4G and potentially 5G) for data transfer and on-board accelerometers to capture any collisions / events / impacts that a vehicle may have had while on-rent. RentalMatics are pioneers in this space, using a combination of AI, analytics, telematics and process automation to achieve this transformation.

The way people travel from point A to point B is changing. This is driven by a series of converging technologies including the rapid growth of car sharing and ridesharing; the increased viability of electric cars and the growth of connected and, ultimately, autonomous vehicles.

RentalMatics is leading this technological shift with its innovative connected mobility platform. This platform has allowed fleet management companies (including rental and leasing companies) to traverse and embrace this emerging era of new mobility and the ‘connected car’.

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