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RentalMatics has built a SaaS telematics-based operating system for fleet management and rental car companies that allow their staff to automate, visualize and manage their operations. Our goal is to reduce the cost of rental operation while providing new opportunities to these rental customers. Our telematics devices rely on satellite positioning for fleet tracking, GSM for data transfer and onboard accelerometers to capture any collisions etc. a vehicle may have while on-rent. This allows the client to fully visualize and manage the lifecycle of each vehicle in the fleet.

Our newest feature is called Contactless On-demand Rental. This On-demand product transforms the rental experience from being counter-centric to being app-centric. This new Contactless service not only applies to car rental but also to other forms of mobility including car-sharing, leasing, scooters and bike hire.


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Customer Testimonials

“Europcar Iceland signed up with RentalMatics approximately 3 years ago and quite simply, it has changed a lot how we operate our Organisation. We now have a lot of of real-time data available enabling our Management to make better and more informed decisions – this has resulted in significant cost savings. Furthermore, as most of our employees now use RentalMatics on a daily basis, our new automated approach creates more efficiencies, allowing more time to achieve and focus on other tasks. ”

Steingrímur Birgisson, Holdur Iceland

“The Covid-19 pandemic has fast-tracked the adoption of technologies, and for the car rental industry, that is no different. Telematics is part of our future, enabling us to manage our fleet far more precisely, reward customers for great driving and assist with damage claims.  The RentalMatics platform will also enable us to explore some very exciting new marketing angles and mobility solutions.  We have looked at many telematics systems and we feel that the RentalMatics offering far exceeds competitor solutions in this space. We are therefore delighted to sign with RentalMatics, are looking forward to the journey ahead and the benefits we will be able to realize and bring to our Organization.”

Rohan Marx, East Coast Car Rentals

“At GSP, we have been able to realize and monetize the benefits of using RentalMatics within our Organization, most notably in the areas of vehicle recovery, advanced geofenced technology and maximizing upgrade and utilization opportunities. It has definitely delivered on our return on investment & is now a vital component of our new automated & digitalized way of working.”

Dawn Fowler, GSP Transportation


Telematics and connected cars are the future of fleet management and green benefits are a fortuitous benefit of this evolution. Shared usage of vehicles with the support of RentalMatics telematics highlights the reduction in costs, increase inefficiencies and therefore a reduction in the negative environmental impact by lowering their carbon footprint in a sustainable and responsible way.

Integrating, managing and interpreting fleet data effectively with RentalMatics is a positive step in support of your long-term environmental impact.

Proven Value Metrics

  • 3% increase in the utilization
  • Over $1million fleet savings
  • 90% reduction in theft
  • 45% reduction in injury claimants
  • Reduced damage $4k per vehicle
  • Improve fuel recovery by 20%
  • Reduce operational overhead by 10%
  • Increase revenue – cross border, tolls, off-road & one-ways

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