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Jimpisoft Telematics

Jimpisoft is a global technology company, delivering comprehensive and reliable fleet management software for rental, leasing and mobility businesses worldwide. With more than 30 years working with rent a car businesses, they have significant experience and expertise in the industry. Their system, Rentway, is an ever-evolving platform, constantly evolving to a changing marketplace.


Scalable, safe and dynamic, with a presence in over 80 countries, this software is the solution of choice for thousands of vehicle rental companies globally. Telematics via the Jimpisoft system, is a fanstastic option.

Looking for Jimpisoft telematics?

Users of the Jimpisoft Car Rental System can fast-track their digital transformation and quickly enjoy a host of benefits from our cutting-edge telematics solution. Thanks to the RentalMatics API integration with Jimpisoft, users can seamlessly connect to a tried, tested and trusted telematics technology platform. Plus, it’s a plug and play solution, with a short integration process, so you could be up and running with telematics in a matter of weeks.

Our Jimpisoft telematics solution is a game-changer

Supercharge your business with Jimpisoft Telematics from RentalMatics. Access a huge range benefits that have the potential to revolutionise the way you operate – for the better. Here’s just a snapshot of the comprehensive insights that your company can benefit from when you integrate with RentalMatics telematics via the Jimpisoft platform.  

Maximum Utilisation, Maximum Profit

  • Maximum return from fleet investment via upsells
  • Identifify under-utilised vehicles
  • Understand optimum fleet mix
  • Optimise pricing
  • Identify missed revenue opportunities
  • Auto-assign fees for late returns or excessive mileage
RentalMatics dashboard image 3
RentalMatics dashboard image 2

Optimised Fleet Management

  • Track real-time vehicle location, direction, mileage and diagnostics
  • See entire fleet on an interactive map
  • Alerts for service and maintenance, to ensure vehicle safety and longevity
  • Record fuel levels of all vehicles

Fleet Protection

  • Recover lost or stolen vehicles with ease
  • Locate vehicles that leave a pre-specified area (i.e. Geo-Fence)
  • Monitor vehicle time spent in garages, repair shops, off the road or being used by staff
  • Identify fuel fraud
RentalMatics dashboard image
RentalMatics dashboard image 4

Happier Customers

  • Ensure the right vehicle is in the right place, at the right time for your customers
  • Show up-to-date information on each rental, vehicle and device
  • Minimise breakdowns with maintenance alerts and live vehicle diagnostics
  • Streamlined check-in process

Impact & Crash Detection

  • Get instant accident alerts, impact reports, late returns and fuel discrepancies
  • Reduce insurance costs and legal fees
  • Fewer customer disputes and shorter claims processes
  • Reduce fraudulent claims and identify high risk drivers
RentalMatics dashboard image 7
RentalMatics dashboard image 6

Stock Anomaly Detection

  • Identify real-time discrepancies between your rental system and actual vehicle locations
  • Eliminates manual counting and human error
  • Pinpoint the location of each vehicle and safeguard against theft
  • Discover if a vehicle has been sold with a tracker still installed.

Start your digital transformation today with Jimpisoft and telematics from RentalMatics.