We’ve all read, witnessed and experienced first-hand the devastating impact that Covid-19 is having on car rental and the automotive industry. But what about the industry’s future?  What will the effects be in the world of 2021 A.C (‘After Coronavirus’ – an abbreviation taken from an article below from Auto Rental News). 

Customer’s attitudes and behaviours are likely to be impacted for years to come. Safety has always been of utmost importance but what about hygiene, cleanliness and cross-contamination? In this article we round up some of the best articles on the effects and lasting impact that Covid-19 will have on the future of car rental and the automotive industry.

3 Ways Transportation Systems are Adapting to the Coronavirus Crisis – And What we Can Learn

The World Economic Forum shared an excellent article on the lessons we’ve learned from the mobility service providers’ (MSPs) responses to Covid-19. The MaaS ecosystem has solidified and demonstrated its value on a number of occasions since the start of the epidemic.

With the right blend of mobility options and through public-private partnerships, people can travel safely to where they need to go, and deliveries can be made on time”.

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Predictions for Car Rental in 2020, 2021 A.C. (After Coronavirus)

Predictions for the car rental industry are nothing new. It’s almost become clichéd to say that the car rental industry or automotive space is going “through a major transformation” or will “never be the same again”.   

However, in light of the coronavirus these predictions about the world “A.C” (after coronavirus) are fascinating. The industry will recover, customers will return but the collective mindset might be changed forever. 

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The Safest Modes of Transportation During a Pandemic- Business Insider 

This headline mightn’t instantly grab your attention. For someone that works in the car rental company, an article that ranks the different modes of transport by their pandemic-safeness, mightn’t strike you as essential reading. However, it’s important to look a little deeper. 

This article from Business Insider provides a glimpse inside the mind of the new, coronavirus-impacted consumer. In a world post Covid-19, cleanliness, hygiene and contactless transportation just might be the new leading attractions for your customers. 

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How to Reduce the Risk of the Coronavirus in Your Vehicle – Edmunds

Once the lockdown ends and the effects of the coronavirus begin to slow down, it won’t simply be a case that a switch will be flicked and normality will be restored. The reverberations could last for years. Consumer behaviour will be affected and we’ll all look at germs a little differently. 

Should cleanliness and hygiene be a part of your new message? If so, this article from Edmunds is a great place to start.

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8 Viewpoints on Mobility Post Coronavirus – Fleet Forward

Finally, a fascinating article from Fleet Forward that deserves your attention. Below is the opening message. 

“Fleet Forward asked eight subject matter experts from various corners of the travel, transportation, and mobility spectrums to assess the short and long-term impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on mobility. 

We asked them: What will be the state of shared mobility/carsharing in the near future and further out? Will the pandemic accelerate certain mobility options, or will latent hesitancies exist from a health/safety standpoint that will dampen the market for a long time? Will the pandemic force shared mobility operators to rethink their services or business models?”

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