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Accidents are the biggest complication of vehicle rental, and claims can take ages to settle when you have different accounts of what happened. 

But with Rentalmatics impact reports you get the whole truth — exactly when and where it happened, the speed of the collision and the force and direction of the impact. Most importantly, it’ll tell you who was at fault.


    • Get comprehensive accident insights and impact reports via SMS or email.
      Benefit: Reduce insurance costs and legal fees.


    • Record damage and crash detection data.
      Benefit: Minimise customer disputes and enable shorter claims processes.


    • Track speed and driver behaviour, such as harsh braking, sharp turns etc. 
      Benefit: Reduce fraudulent claims and identify high risk drivers. 


Speed up insurance claims with data that doesn’t lie

Our revolutionary trackers use many data points to instantly generate detailed reports that give you the whole picture — even before the customer returns the vehicle. The data doesn’t lie, so the report removes disputes, reduces fraud, and uncovers hidden damages. 

With less unnecessary negotiation between parties, insurance companies can settle claims much faster. You save time and money, and pass these savings on to your customers. 

Our trackers are your rental fleet’s ‘guardian angel’. You’ll get instant notifications by SMS or email, so the claim or damage recovery process starts at the moment of impact.

Impact alert and report triggered initially due to an impact at the rear of the vehicle

Report shows the road surface and view of the surrounding area


View of the incident from start to finish

Speed before and after the incident