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At Rentalmatics we’ve revolutionised vehicle monitoring with hardware solutions that work with any system. Rentalmatics systems are compatible with any device and we collaborate with many industry-leading brands, including Teltonika. We can seamlessly integrate with your existing hardware setup, which cuts out any disruption.

A fully customised hardware solution

Let us know your specific requirements and your current setup, and we’ll create a unique, customised hardware solution. We offer three installation types — ‘on battery’, on-board diagnostics (OBD) and original equipment manufacturing (OEM).

After a detailed assessment, our consultants will recommend a device that’s discreet and easy to install, with strong connectivity for seamless data transmission.

Plus, we offer a range of enhanced security solutions that can dramatically increase the chances of getting your vehicle back intact after a theft or tampering event, delivering advanced protection for your fleet. Our ‘sleeper’ and ‘dummy’ devices are difficult to identify, locate and tamper with, so that’s an extra layer of security and peace of mind. Rest asssured, that the RentalMatics system will keep tabs on your vehicles’ health through detailed diagnostics reports.   

Our Trackers
'OBD' (On Board Diagnostics) device is easy to install and is ideal for certain vehicles and or rental customers. Network agnostic and 4G performance.
'On-Battery' device is concealed under the bonnet of the vehicle for extra security. Fast install, Network agnostic and 4G performance.
'OEM' (Original Equipment Manufacturer) data comes direct from the vehicle and is displayed in our user interface.
Enhanced Fleet Security Trackers
'Dummy’ devices divert attention away from your authentic tracking device. This highly realistic replica of a fully functioning GPS tracker acts as the perfect decoy.
'Sleeper' device is paired with your primary tracker, it lies dormant, in hibernation mode, until needed. If your primary tracker is removed, the sleeper device springs to life, ensuring continuous vehicle tracking. Learn more