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A Rentalmatics system is like having an extra vigilant mechanic and data analyst in the passenger seat at all times. And the backbone of the whole system is alerts — keeping you constantly updated, and letting you know when you need to take action. It’s not just about cost savings and reducing emergencies — it’s the priceless feeling of trust and peace of mind.

Always keeping you in control

Alerts control every aspect of the Rentalmatics approach. Trackers and geofences can trigger warnings when a vehicle leaves a designated area; you can detect speeding and other erratic driver behaviour like harsh braking and sharp turns, and you’ll also get alerts if one of your vehicles is in an accident.

Alerts can also be proactive — maintenance notifications monitor vehicle health and help with scheduled services, while alerts can help you track vehicle usage patterns. It’s the key to managing your rental business with unwavering precision and confidence.

The health of all connected devices are tracked and any disconnected devices are flagged immediately

If a vehicle has an unauthorised removal from a station it will create an alert immediately.


Ports, restricted zones, borders, leaving branches when closed etc all create alerts to be addressed

All impacts will create an alert and a report which details the size of the impact and likelihood of damage.