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Geofencing creates an invisible digital boundary on a map using GPS. When a vehicle crosses that line it triggers an alert or action, so it’s like a digital fence that helps you keep track of all your vehicles. Geofencing enhances security, and also gives you real-time insights into any vehicle’s pinpoint location and usage.


    • Create an unlimited number of geo-fences with automated alerts when a perimeter is breached.
      Benefit: Enhanced fleet security and revenue growth.


    • Track direction, location, speed and mileage – for all live and historical journeys.
      Benefit: Unparalleled reporting on driver behaviour and vehicle movements.


    • Precision mileage monitoring with service alerts to prevent vehicle downtime.
      Benefit: Save costs through breakdown prevention. Plus, create optimised servicing plans for a safer, healthier fleet.


    • Driver behaviour reports and safety scoring.
      Benefit: Identify high risk drivers and reduce risk.


    • See estimated time of arrival and fuel levels of returning vehicles.
      Benefit: Quicker vehicle turnarounds, reduced counter time and improved customer satisfaction. 

Innovation that pushes boundaries

So now you know how geofencing works, but why do you need it? With a Rentalmatics system it’s all about the instant alerts — you’ll be notified of unusual vehicle movements, excessive speed, unauthorised zone entries, and border crossings that have a charge. Trackers can also notify you and the authorities if a vehicle leaves a designated area.

It also saves time and money in day-to-day admin, with accurate lot management and quick inventory checks. So that’s enhanced security, streamlined operations and better customer service in one innovative tracking system.


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