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Managing your fleet of rental vehicles will never be easier – it’s not a matter of ‘should,’ but ‘when’ to start. Embracing telematics to monitor the movements of your fleet and pinpoint their current locations offers substantial cost savings. Fleet Optimization and Management not only enhance productivity but also streamline lot management. With a real-time overview of vehicle mileage and fuel/charge status, you can say goodbye to costly human errors and enjoy more precise billing. Boost the security of your fleet with discreet trackers, making recovery quicker and building a stronger relationship with law enforcement.


    • Locate every vehicle, 24/7 with secure GPS tracking.
      Benefit: Peace of mind and enhanced security.


    • Check full fleet inventory with live positioning maps.
      Benefit: Optimised fleet utilitisation and lot management – never count vehicles in a lot again!


    • Recover lost, stolen or overdue vehicles.
      Benefit: Reduced fleet costs and fraud.


    • Review speed and mileage per vehicle.
      Benefit: Accurate customer billing and reduced human error for fuel and toll charges.


    • Boost data-enabled decision making.
      Benefit: Staff empowerment and improved productivity.


Data-driven, streamlined processes

Having your vehicles tracked and traced by RentalMatics also means you can blend this live data with the rental system and bespoke Geofences. This blending of data has helped us create several dashboards such as the Stock Anomaly and Returns Dashboard. Both of these dashboards create actions for your teams that generate revenue, improve productivity and operational processes.

Visible clusters of vehicles and fleet utilization per Geofence

Live tracking of a vehicle can be used if there is a security concern


Every journey is logged and related to a vehicle and rental

Speeding reports per rentals