When it comes to reporting, RentalMatics takes it up a notch! We firmly believe in the power of turning data into action, because that’s where real productivity shines. Let’s take a look at a couple of our standout reporting tools: the Stock Anomaly Report and the Check In dashboard.

Stock Anomaly Report

Our Stock Anomaly Report is like your trusty detective, using live data from your rental system, geofence data, and real-time position data to uncover daily anomalies. These could include things like late returns, vehicles marked as “On Rent” but still parked at the station, discrepancies between the rental system’s location and the actual position of the vehicle, non-revenue movements (vehicles not at their designated stations), unauthorized disconnects, vehicles sold with trackers still active, and even low vehicle battery alerts.

Stock Anomaly Report Key Metrics

    • Vehicle location discrepancies
    • Late returns
    • ‘Non-revenue’ movements
    • Unauthorized tracker disconnects
    • Vehicles sold with tracker still active
    • Low battery alerts

Check-in Dashboard

Now, our Check In Dashboard is another superstar in actionable reporting. It’s like your co-pilot, providing your returns teams with valuable insights. We pull in data from geofencing, rental history, and real-time location to help your teams make informed decisions. We highlight whether the return location is correct, how far the vehicle has traveled during the rental, any incidents or impacts it may have encountered, whether it’s been refueled and when, if there are any toll charges to consider, and whether the rental is overdue.

But here’s the kicker: thanks to our access to rental data and vehicle location, we can even predict when a vehicle is on its way back. This feature is a lifesaver for desk staff, especially when vehicle availability is low, and customers are walking in, eager to rent a car.

Check-in Dashboard Key Metrics

    • Live track location of returning vehicle
    • Correct return location assigned
    • Mileage & journey report
    • Any impacts or accidents
    • Fuel levels
    • Overdue rentals
    • Toll charges to be applied

So, with RentalMatics Reporting, it’s not just about numbers; it’s about turning those numbers into actionable insights that drive efficiency and make your operations run smoother than ever.

Key Benefits of our Reporting Suite

    • Eliminates manual counting
    • Operational productivity
    • Improved profitability
    • Identify fraud quickly
    • Enhanced cost management
    • Breakdown prevention
    • Incremental revenue
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