Cost savings

When our clients first start using our services, they often express excitement and say things like, “We have so many ideas now for cutting costs!” It’s because our technology provides their employees with a clear picture of where every vehicle is located. This not only confirms the efficiencies they already knew about but also reveals inefficiencies they didn’t realise existed.

Our system also helps employees quickly spot any damage to vehicles, reducing the chances of human errors or disputes with customers. This gives everyone peace of mind and safeguards your company’s investment in its fleet.

Furthermore, our geofencing capabilities help secure borders, ports, and restricted areas, preventing losses or damage. It also empowers your employees to take proactive steps, like educating customers and applying appropriate penalties when needed. It’s all about making operations smoother and more efficient while protecting your assets.

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Impact Reports

Accidents are the biggest complication of vehicle rental, and claims can take ages to settle when you have different accounts of what happened.  With Rentalmatics impact reports you get the whole truth — exactly when and where it happened, the speed of the collision and the force and direction of the impact. Most importantly, our [...]

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